Wu-Tang Clan Album Skits, Ranked

Prince Paul and De La Soul popularized the hip-hop skit, and Dr. Dre turned the concept cinematic, but the nine-man Wu-Tang Clan raised it to the level of esoteric art. Mixing stream-of-blunted-consciousness talk with pulp-fiction plot twists, copious gunshots, and equal parts skewed humor and authentic anger, Wu… »11/23/15 3:29pm11/23/15 3:29pm


The Absurd History of Nike Air Technology

Like many soul-searching 1990s adolescents, I was obsessed with Nike Air technology. I’d pore over the latest innovations, from visible forefoot air to tuned air to other types of air. I’d even buy used sneakers at the flea market and tear them apart to inspect the air. As my young brain developed and my understanding… »11/20/15 9:46am11/20/15 9:46am

A Square's Guide To Buying Sneakers

When I was a kid and lived on West 72nd Street in Manhattan, I wanted a pair of the original Air Jordans—the red and black ones that the NBA had banned for being too flashy or some shit. There was a mom-and-pop sneaker shop on the Upper West Side that showed them off in their windows, and I’d salivate at the sight of… »11/16/15 4:20pm11/16/15 4:20pm

A Civilian's Guide To The U.S. Military

We Americans love a lot of things about ourselves, and perhaps nothing more so than our military. Like many things about the U.S., it’s bigger than its international equivalents, with a budget that is larger than the next eight largest military budgets in the world combined. It has a footprint in all 50 states, most… »5/26/15 10:15am5/26/15 10:15am

Happy Valentine's Day, You Crazy Motherfuckers. Love, io9

Happy heart hump-hump day! To celebrate, we're bringing back io9 Valentine's Cards! Why? Because you're all a pack of weirdos, but you're OUR weirdos and we love you. So enjoy our festive collection of geeky love and pop culture references. »2/13/15 3:44pm2/13/15 3:44pm