A Civilian's Guide To The U.S. Military

We Americans love a lot of things about ourselves, and perhaps nothing more so than our military. Like many things about the U.S., it’s bigger than its international equivalents, with a budget that is larger than the next eight largest military budgets in the world combined. It has a footprint in all 50 states, most… »5/26/15 10:15am5/26/15 10:15am

Happy Valentine's Day, You Crazy Motherfuckers. Love, io9

Happy heart hump-hump day! To celebrate, we're bringing back io9 Valentine's Cards! Why? Because you're all a pack of weirdos, but you're OUR weirdos and we love you. So enjoy our festive collection of geeky love and pop culture references. »2/13/15 3:44pm2/13/15 3:44pm